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Library Hours: Weekdays 8:00 am - 3:30 pm 

The TLS Library is staffed by Mrs. Roschelle Bisping, Librarian, and a group of dedicated volunteers who love to read. We enjoy sharing in our student's excitement when they find a book or series that they can't put down!

Our library is divided into sections for every level of reader. Kindergarten students check out books once a week that their family members can read to them while they are learning their Sight Words. A very important part of a child's learning to read is hearing words read out loud to them and being read to at home for a minimum of 20 minutes every day.

When each Kindergarten student has learned their Sight Words, they begin to check out books in Level 0 of the Accelerated Reader (AR)  program which will help them build their confidence in reading. They take a test after reading each book, which earns them points toward the AR goal that their teacher has set for them.

The AR program continues from Levels 1-13 throughout the library. Students progress through the levels at their own pace, as they build their confidence and reading ability. Being able to read well is a necessary skill for every student, which will help them be successful in every level, of school, and will carry on into their adult lives.

The TLS Library also has Non-Fiction and Reference books for students to use for research at school and World Book Online that students can access at school and home. There are activities and games for younger students and pictures, articles, and videos that will help older students with research.

Library Policies: 

Students may check out a maximum of two books for two weeks

There are no fines charged for Kindergarten - 2nd Grades. Daily fines are charged for 3rd - 8th Grade students.

Overdue notices are sent out daily and students are expected to return, or renew, their books as soon as possible after receiving an overdue notice. We appreciate the family's help in reminding their student(s) of the due dates of their books so they are returned on time.

Checking out  library books is a privilege and an opportunity to teach our students how to be responsible with a book that does not belong to them. All students are expected to treat their library books with respect and return them without damage. If minor damage does occur, the student should report it to the librarian on duty, so the book can be repaired. If a book is damaged beyond repair, it is the responsibility of the student to pay for the book, so it can be replaced.

Learning to read is very exciting! We enjoy watching our students grow up and advance through each level of books in our library. It is our hope that they develop a love of reading that will last throughout their lifetime!